Exotimex Europe BV specialises in import and re-export of vegetables and fruit. In July 2001 Exotimex Europe BV has taken over the activities of BV Exotimex, a company that has been founded in 1987.

The assortment is mainly aimed at the ethnic markets in Europe. The main program includes plantains, cassava, garlic, sweet potatoes and yams. Other products in the assortment such as ginger, eddoes, and cocoyam portray us as real root specialists.

Exotimex Europe BV operates with a relatively small staff team. This keeps communication lines short and makes sure that we can swiftly change gear when the situation calls for it. Connections with suppliers and customers are direct and personal. Relation development and support are serious issues for us. To that effect we call on our suppliers and customers regularly. In that way we are able to keep a close eye on both production and market conditions. When visiting production areas and packing stations we always offer supporting advice to our suppliers. Such advice may pertain to logistics, production or improvement of labour conditions. Furthermore we discuss trends and legislation with regard to the use of pesticides when contacting suppliers and customers.

Our main production countries include China, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ghana and South Africa. Our market literary spans entire Europe…